Ninja Duck Princes Cup is here!

After weeks of trash talking between Ducks and Smurfs alike, the inaugural Ninja Duck Princes Cup will be played tomorrow morning at the Duck’s usual training location.  The event is a play-off against the Princes Park residents of Funny Duck Ultimate and Ninja Smurfs as a warm-up prior to the Victorian Mixed Ultimate Championships next weekend.  Kevin Noble has cobbled together a really nice trophy for the occasion with some MVP prizes to boot.

See the Facebook event for more details and don’t forget to let us know if you’re coming to play or merely just to cheer us (or the Smurfs) on!

Ninja Duck Princes CupNote that this is taking place of the regular weekly training session.

Go Ducks!

No training tomorrow – enjoy the day off!

Just a reminder that due to the Monash Kings & Queens tournament tomorrow 16th of August, there will be no official training.  Some people may show up to have a throw, so check on the Facebook page ( to confirm who may be attending.

See you all next week for the inaugural Ninja Duck Princes Cup!

Season 3 starts Monday!

With only one week’s break it seems hard to believe that Season 3 starts tomorrow already!  This was the season last year that saw Funny Duck Black take out the season against the undefeated MUFcoy and repeat again in season 4, knocking out, the again undefeated MUFcoy in the Semi-Final on route to an easy final win.  Can either Div 1 or Div 2 Ducks take out another season?  Who knows what this season will hold for our teams, with Div 1 being a vastly different landscape with many players taking a season off due to the World Club Championships.

There’s been a few small changes to both the teams from last season.  A couple of players have dropped down to Div 2, being both Millan and Hildebrand.  A couple of imports into Div 1 sees I. McDonald, finally getting the call up after a season layoff with injury, and the addition of ‘Doc’ Rappaport, replacing Curry who is sticking with the Div 2 team this season.  Unfortunately we have had late withdrawals, in both Jay and A. McDonald from Div 2, leaving that team with 7 guys for the time being, while the search is on for a replacement.

The Duck flocks or both divisions can be seen below.  The fixture has now been released (and sees a double header for Div 1 for one of the weeks) and can be seen on our league page.  Good luck to both teams this season!

Div 1 Ducks Div 2 Ducks
Amy Thornton Charmaine Hall
Camila Gonzalez Jesseka Chadderton
Joanna Bowen judy so
Sangamithra Rajender Maria Shipulina
Therese Karlsson Noy Hildebrand
Dan Cliffe Camila Gonzalez
Johannes Horlemann Jose Millan
Ian McDonald Daniel Blau
Jonathan Walter David Martin
Adam Rappaport John Hocking
Kevin Noble Juan Donis
raphael Buelens Shamai Cylich
Richard Edwards Shayne Curry

Funny Duck finish 3rd at VIUC!

It was a tough but an enjoyable day with the Mixed Division of the Victorian Indoor Ultimate Championships being held on Sunday 13th of July.

After a 6th showing a last year’s tournament, the team was out to improve that placing.  It was a great start with two fairly convincing wins.  Then came Yarra Ultimate, playing fresh after a bye (and a pretty much non-start first game), Yarra was quick and tall and the Ducks faulted a little with tiredness creeping in.  A 7 point loss was the first for the day.

Despite the loss, the intensity picked up in the next game and another strong win over Wyndham saw the Ducks go 3-1 after four games.  No rest for the wicked and straight into yet another game.  This one against the second Monash team.  Despite the continuous Ultimate getting to us, the height of Dave Martin and Dan Cliffe, combined with the great hands of Camila Gonzalez, the great throws of Koen Alexander and amazing all round play (and possible Duck MVP of the day) of Therese Karlsson saw another convincing win.

For the sixth game of the day (and consecutive mind you) the Ducks had to come up against the only undefeated team for the day in Ballarat (who took out the Men’s division the day before).  The Ducks however were not intimidated and with very calm heads and hands thanks to great movement from all (and perhaps from the calming affect of one Jake Martin) the Ducks managed a 3-0 start by working their way through the zone.  The usually “big field handlers” Sangamithra “Dhikka” Rajender and Shayne Curry with support of all the others and great positioning and patience of Noy Hildebrand worked back and forth until an opening presented itself.  However Ballarat showed why they were undefeated with a run of 6 straight points (so quick that it felt like only half of them were scored from then on it was Ballarat in front for most of the game.  A mini fightback from the Ducks wasn’t enough to save the game with Ducks going down by four.

A bye and then lunch saw the Ducks start to stiffen up, however it was time to play in the semi against Yarra again in order to play off for 1st against Ballarat.  It was a tough and heated game, but Ducks managed to get ahead early. The lead changed several times though the game, but with the Yarra girls (as well as their answer to our “Tall” Dave) catching everything and dominating the game, it was a little too much for team who’s median age was probably 10 years above the opposition.  A few scoring confusions and a controversial end to the game saw the Ducks go down again by four.

It was time for the 3rd v 4th play off against Wyndham, Ducks again started strongly thanks to another win of the toss, however Wyndham showed their never say die attitude threatening to come back at many stages throughout the game, with one run of points almost proving that they could.  Ducks managed to hold their nerve and regained position to come out winners 17-11 in the final game and take 3rd.

It was a tough day, but lots of fun.  Time for another indoor tournament I think!  Who’s up for it?

Join Funny Duck Ultimate in Season 3!

It’s time to register your interest in joining the Ducks for Season 3, 2014. Team registrations for the Albert Park League open in less than two weeks. Make sure you let us know if you’re interested in joining the Ducks for next season, whether returning or if you’re a new Duck. Everyone is welcome! Next season there is still chances to play Monday and Wednesday nights. See the Season 3, 2014 page for more details.

New temporary training location

Hi Ducks and potential Ducks, just to let everyone know that we are currently at a new temporary location for training. We are still at Princes Park, however we are now north of Stadium, whilst the fields we were on are being renovated.

Sangamithra “Dhikka” Rajender and Kevin Noble (our Secretary and VP) will be running training tomorrow morning at this new location.

The training location map has been updated with our new location.

Hope to see some of you there tomorrow morning!

Training is On!

Rain, hail or shine (and I’m thinking it will be the former two), training this Saturday will be on at 10am.  Please note that due to the renovation of our usual fields, we will be moving to the southern end of Princes Park for the time being.  We may be near or joining the Ultimate Meet-up Group (which the Albert Park League team Ninja Smurfs are a part) in order to share the space.  If this is the case, then cleats are not allowed so make sure you bring runners as well in case they are needed.

Further information regarding ongoing training locations will be posted soon.