Season 2 Albert Park League Teams

It has been confirmed that Funny Duck Ultimate again have two teams registered and accepted in the upcoming Albert Park League season. There is a record number of teams this season and hence the delay in being informed of the registration success. Currently the draw is yet to be released, but this will be post once obtained. For now, be prepared for a game on Monday night if your name is listed below. Further information has been sent to the mailing list.

This season we are looking to have a spirit captain (as well as our regular on-field/admin captain). If anyone is interested in filling this position, then please let one of the committee know.

Without further ado the teams are as follows:

Black Ducks (aka Dark Side of the Duck) Yellow Ducks (aka Ducky Fun!)
Annie Hung Adam Rappaport
Dan Cliffe asha baker
Helen Weber Brendan Butler
Ian McDonald Craig Drayton
Jesseka Chadderton Daniel Blau
Jose Millan Judy So
Juan Donis Kelli Martin
Kevin Noble Kerryn Herman
Noy Hildebrand Maria Shipulina
Philipp Hartmann Richard Edwards
Raphael Buelens Sally Robertson
Sangamithra Rajender Sebastian Fowler
Shayne Curry Tony Dang

Register your interest to play with Funny Duck at Albert Park for Season 2!

It may feel like the year has only started, but registration for Season 2 starting in May is only days away. It’s now time to start to register your interest in playing with Funny Duck Ultimate in the Albert Park League (APL) in Season 2, 2015. Funny Duck will again aim to have as many teams possible playing again. Let us know your intentions, even if you are a current player who wants a break. For more information, please visit our APL page. Everyone is welcome!

November News

The Funny Duck November Newsletter covers the recent Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships, in which we had a great tournament, Albert Park League information including APL Season 1 in 2015, an update on our weekly Training sessions (including the recent bring a friend day), and upcoming Open days in preparation for Open Season. We wrap it all up with the upcoming end-of-year Party and Awards Night.

There is also an important call out for volunteers to help with the Melbourne Hat catering on 13th & 14th of December.  If you can help out with that, please put down your name to let us know.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of the topics covered in the newsletter or if you’d like to see other items in the next edition.

No usual training this weekend

As we are slowly gearing up for the Open and Women’s season after a successful Mixed Season (top 10 at the Australian Mixed Ultimate Championships!), Funny Duck have decided to have another relaxed Saturday with a round of Disc Golf instead of the usual training session at Princes Park.

Check out the Facebook post below for more information.  Stay tuned for more information regarding the ramp up into Open/Women’s season!


Committee Meeting Tuesday 18th of November

Funny Duck Ultimate’s next Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday 18th of November at 7pm with venue to be confirmed.

Everyone is always welcome to come along and have an input in the decisions being made that affect your club.  There will be lots being discussed including the 2015 Open season, APL and the upcoming Xmas party.  If you plan to come along, please let us know.

Once the committee meeting has been held, stay tuned for the next club newsletter with all the information about the upcoming events.

If you have any questions or something you would like to see on the Agenda email our secretary (secretary @

Register your interest to play with Funny Duck at Albert Park in 2015!

Where has this year gone?  It’s now time to start to register your interest in playing with Funny Duck Ultimate in the Albert Park League (APL) in 2015.  Division 1 will be back and Funny Duck will aim to have as many teams possible across the two divisions.  Let us know your intentions, even if you are a current player who wants a break.  For more information, please visit our APL page.  Everyone is welcome!

No training this weekend

There will be no official training this coming Saturday, 1st of November.  Apparently some people are taking a long weekend due to some horse race or something?!

Training will back on 8th of November, where we will start with a bring a friend day as we start to gear up for the Open and Women’s seasons.  Keep an eye out for more information on this in the next couple of days!

Until then, if you want an Ultimate fix, sign up for our Savage Sevens Hat tournament on Melbourne Cup Day!  Otherwise see you on the 8th!

2014 AGM Results

Thank you to all those who attended Saturday night’s Annual General Meeting.  Whilst it was a slightly smaller crowd than last year, it was a great opportunity for people to have their say in what they enjoy about the club and what perhaps we could improve on.  There were some great comments which shows people really enjoy playing with the club, but nonetheless there are some aspects on which some improvement can be made.  There were some great ideas and the committee will endeavour to address as many of them as possible.

Most of the incumbents stood unopposed for their positions, which saw the reelection of 5 out of the 6 2013-2014 committee members, with the return of a previous committee member.  The one member who is stepping aside to focus on a project of her own is Nicole Walter. The committee would like to thank her for all the effort she has put into the club for the previous year and wishes her the best of luck with upcoming family addition.

So without further ado, the 2014-2015 Funny Duck Ultimate Committee are:
President – Shayne Curry
Vice President – Kevin Noble
Treasurer – Raphael Buelens
Secretary – Sangamithra Rajender
Ordinary Member – Jose Millan
Ordinary Member – Noy Hildebrand

Funny Duck Ultimate AGM Tonight!

Just a reminder for those who weren’t aware, the Funny Duck Ultimate AGM is on tonight.

For more information see the event below or click the link for a copy of the AGM 2014 Agenda.

If you can’t make it and want to give anyone your proxy, please let the proxy and our secretary Sangamithra Rajender (Dhikka) know at least an hour before start time. If there is anything you would like said on your behalf please also let our secretary or our president (Shayne Curry) know. All places are still up for nominations.  Let’s continue to build the only Victorian club who has teams playing in both Mixed and Open seasons!